Camelopard, by Null Charcøal

Font : Metropolis

Tool : sK1 2.0 RC5 (Wireframe & Base Rendering), Inkscape (Effect Render)

Photo : All sample from pexels

File :

UI Ninja’s Camera App UI :

I think it can be moved to PC, too. If possible, wouldn’t it be possible to include screen capture, recording, and broadcasting?

it’s broken as much as the blank,
I am desperately trying to fix it, but the more I try, the more it seems to be broken.

I don’t want to break it, I can’t burn it all down,
I want to light a fire with various meanings.

There are still many things I want to express, and I cannot express them all.
I want to ignite the fire more earnestly.

Burnout without Sounds, Null Charcøal.

only for me


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